Malt Flour

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Dry Malt Flour like Barley Malt Flour and Wheat Malt Flour. We also have with us rich expertise in successfully handling the demands of Malt Flour which is 100% natural product manufactured using selected barley. With the product specially conditioned without making use of any additives, colorants, preservatives or any other ingredients, it has in it high level of natural enzymes like alpha and beta amylase and has a high regard in several industries.

Some of its properties include Improves fermentation, Extensibility and gas retention; increases volume, Enhances yeast performance and Enhances browning.
Features :
AppearanceWhite to light yellow powder
FlavourPleasant with characteristic malt flavor

Specifications Standard Malt Flour :
Humidity < 9%
Diastatic PowderMinimum 250 WK
Enzymatic ActivityEnzymatic Activity

Specifications Diast Malt Flour :
Humidity< 9%
Diastatic PowderMinimum 450 WK
Enzymatic ActivityMinimum 70 U.D.