Malt Extract

We also have with us extensive experience and process expertise to successfully handle the demands of array of Wheat Malt Extract, Barley Malt Extract that are well appreciated in international market for their superior quality standards. Here, the use of quality ingredients as well as modern production facilities also enables us to carry our malt extraction in an effective manner.
The procedure of converting malt into malt extracts involves 3 stages.

These Includes :
  • Liquefaction of germinated grain
  • Washing
  • Filtering and evaporation

Specification for Malt Extract :
AppearanceA viscous liquid amber or yellowish brown in color (Free from any adulterants, off odor, foreign flavor and impurities)
IdentificationPositive for Carbohydrates
TasteCharacteristic Malt and sweet taste free from any detectable foreign or off flavor I.e. not be sharp or bitter or sour tail
Total Solid78 to 82%
Protein (% w/w on dry basis)Min.4%
Total Ash1.3 to 1.7%
Acidity (% w/v solution)1.40% max
PH( of 10% solution)45.0 to 6.0
Reducing Sugar (%w/w as anhydrous maltose)Max. 60%
Specific Gravity (At 20 deg. C)1.3 to 1.5
Viscosity>60,000 to 2,00,000 cp

Microbial Limit Test :
SPC at 37 deg. C10000 cfu/gm
Yeast & Moulds50 cfu/gm
Staphylococcus AureusAbsent
Salmonella SpeciesAbsent

Profile of Carbohydrates :
Glucose (gm/100 gm)3.9-8.6
Fructose (gm/100 gm)0.4-2.0
Sucrose (gm/100 gm)0.7-2.0
Maltose (gm/100 gm)27.3-40