Malt Flour

Malt Flour

Malt Extract Powder is fundamentally a characteristic non-diastatic coarse powder. The simple solvency of this powder helps for simple cooking procedure and add flavor to sustenance. This upgrades the decency as well as the kind of completed nourishments and refreshments.

Specifications of standard Malt Flour:

  • Humidity: <9%
  • Diastatic powder: Minimum 250 WK
  • Enzymatic activity: Minimum 50 U.D

Specifications of Diast Malt Flour:

  • Humidity: <9%
  • Diastatic powder: Minimum 450 WK
  • Enzymatic activity: Minimum 70 U.D

Physical properties:

  • Increased shelf life
  • Hold moisture
  • Improves crust color
  • Increases browning
  • Gas retention
  • Increases volume
  • Develop fermentation
  • Enhances yeast performance
  • Soften texture
  • Enhances machinability
  • Rapid moisture absorption

Chemical properties:

  • White to yellow color powder
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Characteristic malt flavor


  • Packing is done in paper bags having a polyethylene interior bag of 20 kgs weight

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