Malt Extract

Malt Extract

It is a popular belief that malt extract proves beneficial for people who are suffering winter sniffles.Yielding to the sweet taste it is easily administered to children and the manufacturing if done using high grade materials and apt machineries then it is a gem of syrups. Processing of malt extract is done primarily in 4 stages namely liquefaction of germinated grains, washing, filtering and evaporation which gives rise to different shade of color of the product. When converted into syrup malt extract contains around 80% solid after going through three stage film evaporator under controlled vacuum condition.

Dry Malt Extract

Our scope of Dry Malt Extract is refreshing in worldwide market for its different applications. The malt is changed over into concentrate by procedures including liquefaction of developed grain, washing, separating and dissipation. Ideal quality materials and apparatuses are utilized for generation of concentrate.

Liquid Malt Extract

Liquid Malt Extract is made when the vanishing procedure is wiped out from the assembling procedure. This is light yellow powder which is sweet in taste. The blending concentrate is accessible in various shading levels that range from light to dim shades. The assembling procedure is finished by different stages like liquefication of developed grains, washing, separating and dissipation.