Liquid Malt Extract

Finding usage as a natural food ingredient, we are also processors and manufacturers of Liquid Malt Extract. Made available in different color levels ranging from light to dark shades, it helps in enhancing flavors, aromas and colors. Further, it has a pleasant and characteristic aroma, without fermented/ overheated flavors.

Features :
AppearanceBrown color, liquid with high viscosity
Aroma & FlavourPleasant and characteristic aroma, without fermented or overheated flavors

Types :
LightMade 100% from pale malt
GoldenMade from pale malt, adding different percentages of caramel malt to give reddish colors, such as amber color
DarkMade from pale malt, adding different percentages of roasted malt to achieve dark colors

Spacifications :
Total Solids78° - 80° Brix
Reducing Sugar (as Maltose)Minimum 50%
Enzyme ActivityNill

Packaging :
Plastic or metallic drums300 kgs. net approx
Plastic pail30/50 kgs. net approx
Tote Bins Box1.4 tons. net approx