Dry Malt Extract
We are a leading manufacturer of Dry malt extracts and Dried Malt Extract Powder which one can obtain through process of drying liquid malt extract. The Dried Malt Extract & Dried Malt Extract Powder is highly used as an ingredient for food items.It is light brown color powder and has a pleasant and characteristic aroma.
Packaging :
AppearanceLight brown color powder
Aroma & FlavourPleasant and characteristic aroma, not fermented flavors or overheated

Types :
LightMade 100% from pale malt
GoldenMade from pale malt, adding different percentages of caramel malt to give reddish colors like amber color
DarkMade from pale malt, adding different percentages of roasted malt to obtain brown and dark colors
Specifications :
HumidityMaximum 5%
Reducing sugar (as Maltose)Maximum 50%
Enzyme ActivityNil

Packaging :
  • Multiply paper bag, with polyethylene interior bag (25 kgs. net approx)