Barley Malt Extract
We are one of the leading manufacturers of barley malt processed and prepared from excellent quality barley. These are produced using latest technology support and highly experienced professionals which makes it widely used in areas like distilleries, breweries, confectioners, malted milk food manufacturers and pharmaceutical and more.

The process of converting barley into malt involves 3 stages :
Steeping :
  • First stage involves conversion of barley into malt and is known as steeping.
  • In which once barley is separated from unwanted material, it is graded to specific sizes.
  • We shift this barley to steel tanks equipped with outlet pipes & water inlets for carrying out vigorous aeration and mixing of barley/water mixture with aid of compressed air.
  • Once barley reaches water content of 43-56%, steeping process is completed.
Germination :
  • After the finishing of steeping process, the steeped barley is shifted to germinating floors/room to allow germination under controlled moisture, air and temperature conditions.
  • Entire germination period takes 4-7 days that depends on type of barley, preferred use of malt as well as germination method used
  • For carrying out apt kernel modification as well as yield, various aspects of germination are kept under constant balance
  • While germination takes place, many enzymatic systems get activated like oxidative & reductive systems involved with respiration phase.
  • Other enzyme systems break down endosperm cell structure that measure germination rate once pentose production is evaluated Activate B-amylase or proteolytic enzymes release act on proteins present that make them soluble.
  • However about 40% of total protein is made soluble in water (Optimum germination activates balanced enzyme system and hydrolyzes starches present).
Kilning :
  • Kilning or drying at appropriate time and optimum degree of starch modification stops germination
  • Heat catalyses additional reaction that results in color and flavor development
  • Germinated malt or green malt at this point is cautiously dried to approximate moisture, leaving activated enzymes intact
  • After drying period is over, sprouts and other extraneous materials are removed and kernels are ready for further processing