Malt Based Food
Malt based food made its place in the market long time ago in the form of malted milk food which was introduced by William Horlicks of Racine, Wisconsin, U.S.A in 1883. It came into market in 1887 for commercial usage. Instantly these malt based foods were liked by doctors and due to its high nutrition quotient, good taste and ease of use.We know that generally malt is used to brew beer but again malt extracts are consumed by people suffering from constipation due to its high fiber content.
Malt based food apart from being tasty will surely take good care of your intestinal health and remove bad cholesterol from your body.

In India only a small fraction of milk products got its place in the malted milk food category. Though there is a potential market yet very few companies take up the job because malted milk food is costlier and therefore not preferable by common people. Malted Milk food is manufactured by mixing milk, malt extract and wheat flour. The malt extract contains diastase which converts starch into sugar. Its added to dessert products like ice cream and candy to enhance the flavor and make them sweet-tasting. Because it contains milk, malted milk is a good source of several essential vitamins and minerals. Despite these benefits, malted milk is also quite high in sugar and saturated fat, which decreases its nutritional value. The preparation process of malted milk food is as follows:-

Production of mash liquor:

The malted barley is separated from dust and foreign products. They are then crushed in line roller mill and mixed with wheat flour. In a mash take water at a certain temperature is added at intervals to make slurry. The temperature of the slurry is increased gradually and held there for some time to let the ingredients segregate. Further temperature is added so that the enzymes stop working. Through centrifugal process the inedible husk is separated from edible liquor form wort.

Mix Preparation:

The wort is then mixed with standardized milk, diluted and pasteurized (85°C) malt extract, sugar, salts, minerals and vitamins in a mix preparation tank. The contribution of each ingredient gives the final product as desired by the makers. Milk solids increase nutritional value of the product by providing high quality fat, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Malt gives the caramelized flavor.

Evaporation of Drying:

The mixture is concentrated in a vacuum evaporator followed by a steam jacketed evaporator provided with stirring gear, where a high vacuum is maintained, agitation being constant in order to facilitate the removal of the water and to prevent excessive caramelisation. Next equipment used is a vacuum tray drier. The mixture is dried further in A.C rooms and then sent to mills to be transformed into powder. Malted milk powder dissolves hot and cold water or milk.

Spray Drying of Malted Milk:

To make low cost malted milk food instead of tray drying spray drying of malted milk is done.