Increasing trend of Malt based food & Malted milk food

Present times call for healthy food and healthy eating to maintain a balanced life. If your body is happy with the food intake automatically it makes you a happy person. With this spirit in mind today more and more people show their inclination towards natural food products which have natural benefits. Malt based food and malt in breakfast cereals is having a huge demand in the market for all the good effects it has on the helath of person. Due to high content of fiber Malt based food is good for people who suffer from

constipation as that adds bulk to the stool and helps to maintain colon health. Due to the sweetness malt has a natural flavor which is liked by most people and has gone to be one of the most favorite breakfast cereal content.

As a nutritious supplement malt has always been a part of the diet of growing children and the elderly. As it contains more than 30 essential minerals, elements and vitamins including folic acid important for pregnant women and the fetus malt is used as a dietary supplement in a low-protein diet. In food processing various kinds of malts are available easily in the market in the form of extracts, syrups, liquid or dry, enzymatic or nonenzymatic, dark or light colored. People choose as per their convenience and need. Most people buy and use malts according to the flavor and color, enzyme systems, texture in the finished product. Malts are favorite of all as they are nutritious and are easy to digest. They contain digestible carbohydrates, low sucrose content, proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes that are broken down. Malts have distinctive flavor. Malt Syrup and Malt Extract are terms used for the thick and sticky water extract of germinated barley or other cereal grains.

Malted milk food has high demand in the market. The main ingredients in the product are a complex blend of malted barley and wheat extract, milk, salt, and baking soda. When dried to form a powder, this sweetener is widely used in confectionery to make candy centers, in dairy desserts to flavor ice cream, and in milk shakes. Malted milk food contains approximately 10-25 percent milk solids and can be used in baked goods to provide sweetness, flavor, and milk solids. Malted Milk Food also delivers a sweet, pleasing flavor to sweet goods and works well in icings and fillings. Only a small fraction of milk produced in India has found its place in malted milk manufacture. Though a potential market exists in the country for malt based milk beverages, very few factories have under taken its production. Considerable high cost of these products has largely been responsible in inhibiting its use by common people.

The preparation of malted milk consists of combining milk with the mash liquor resulting from a mash of barley malt and wheat flour. Barley malt not only supplies the malt flavor, but also contains diastase, which converts starch into sugar.